Zverev Opens Up About Father's Influence After Winning His First Masters In 3 Years

Zverev Opens Up About Father's Influence After Winning His First Masters In 3 Years

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev is very close to his father, Alexander Zverev Sr., who has been his primary coach for most of his career and he was happy to have him in Rome.

Zverev Sr. had some health issues that saw him spend time away from the ATP Tour and his son, but when he was able to be there, he was always there. It's hugely important for Zverev Jr., who has spoken highly of his father many times, including recently in Rome after lifting the Italian Open trophy.

It was his first ATP Masters trophy 1000 in three years, and having his father there with him to experience it was very important for the German player. Zverev explained how fortunate he is to get along well with his father-coach because that's not always the case in tennis or any other sport.

"Yeah, look, life in general, I think a father is always important, no matter who it is. Somebody's who is there. Obviously in my career super important. It's funny because we actually have a great relationship, which is not always the case, a father-son, father-daughter relationship when they're coaching them as well. You see it a lot of times, it's very shaky. But we have a great relationship outside, as well."

As his father ages, it's going to be hard to have him around the Tour every time. He already missed time due to health issues, but Zverev will have him around for as long as he wants or is capable of.

After all, this is just the beginning, as Zverev has high ambitions to add many more trophies in the coming months, and having his father there with him to see that is important.

"It's great to still have him around. I'm going to have him around as long as he wants to, yeah. It's obviously a special moment for all of us, given the circumstances that this is my first Masters after the injury. There was obviously a lot of uncertainties whether I was going to be back at this level. I'm happy that the week went the way it went."


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