Roger Federer Reveals Why He Makes His Kids Play Tennis

Roger Federer Reveals Why He Makes His Kids Play Tennis

by Jordan Reynolds

Roger Federer has been retired for nearly 18 months, but he is adamant that his kids have to play the sport to some degree.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion's retirement in September 2022 at the Laver Cup was one of the most emotional moments in tennis history. It memorably brought both the Swiss legend and Rafael Nadal to tears at the same time.

Federer's remarkable achievements will never be forgotten. This is shown by a racket from Federer's 2006 season being projected to sell at a record price, proving just how huge a name he is even after retiring.

The 42-year-old does not comment very often on current events in tennis, but it is interesting when he does. For instance, Federer encouraged Stefanos Tsitsipas to take his game to the next level.

Although Federer is not as actively involved in tennis as he once was, he explained in an interview with GQ why he still makes his own children play tennis, with living in a tennis circle being part of the reason.

"I don’t want my kids to be the only kids in my circle not to play. And obviously I live in a tennis circle, and otherwise they’re the only kids not playing because all the other kids play tennis and this is their passion. So that’s why I say to the girls, who were not super in love with it in the beginning, like, “Guys, I mean you have to play a little bit.”

Federer then spoke about the role he takes when his kids do play tennis. Despite how phenomenal he was in his own playing career, Federer says he does not usually act as the kids' coach, although sometimes he finds it impossible to resist sharing his knowledge.

"I’ve tried to be more the GM than the coach, and I’ve told them I’m not the coach. And if I can be of help, great. And if you don’t want me out there, that’s okay too. But sometimes I can’t control myself, I come in and go like, “Let me just quickly teach a little fundamental thing."


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