Djokovic 'No Stranger To Weird Losses' Says Isner Rejecting To Panic About Form Struggles

Djokovic 'No Stranger To Weird Losses' Says Isner Rejecting To Panic About Form Struggles

by Erik Virostko

Novak Djokovic shockingly lost at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, but according to his former ATP colleague, John Isner, there is no reason to panic.

The Serbian's 2024 season has been far from what he imagined so far. Leaving Melbourne without a Grand Slam title wasn't certainly in his plans, and when he made a decision to play at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, he also certainly didn't expect to leave it trophy-less.

At the event, he was beaten by an inspired Luca Nardi, in what was one of his most surprising losses in recent memory. However, there are no reasons to panic just yet according to his former colleague.

Like many other former tennis players, John Isner also turned into a pundit after his career, offering his insights for the Tennis Channel, and he shared one such after the 24-time major winner's loss at the season's first ATP Masters 1000 tournament.

"I'm not panicking just yet. In his match against Sinner in Australia, he admittedly said that his level was pretty bad. Said it again, his level was bad. But we're so accustomed to such greatness from Novak that when he does lose his matches, of course, we're immediately surprised.

The American noted that the Serbian has been playing at such an incredible level throughout his career that when he loses, it's shocking to everyone.

Isner also reminded that Djokovic experienced similar losses multiple times in his career. It's not the first time he lost to an underdog, and likely not the last time, and with his experience, he certainly has all the tools necessary to overcome this minor form slump and return stronger than ever for the clay-court part of the season.

"But he's no stranger to some weird losses. Look, I wouldn't panic just yet. He's gonna figure it out, he knows exactly what he needs to do."


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