Why Zverev Is Going To Turn Into 'No. 1 Medvedev Fan' At ATP Finals

Why Zverev Is Going To Turn Into 'No. 1 Medvedev Fan' At ATP Finals

by Sebastian Dahlman

Alexander Zverev is pretty hopeful about his chances to advance to the semi-final at the 2023 ATP Finals and then possibly even beyond that.

Zverev won his opening match at the ATP Finals against Carlos Alcaraz, but he didn't have the same luck in the second match he played in Turin. He actually played a really solid match against Daniil Medvedev, nearly winning the opening set.

The Russian snatched it away, and Zverev never quite recovered from that, losing the match in two sets. That leaves in a tricky post because he'll need to beat Andrey Rublev while also hoping that Medvedev beats Carlos Alcaraz.

Because of that Zverev will be Medvedev's biggest fan on Friday when the match takes place, hoping the Russian's win sends him to the semifinals.

On Friday I'll be No. 1 Daniil Medvedev fan there is on this planet - for a change (smiling). We'll see how it goes. As I said, it's a little bit out of my hands. Of course, if Daniil wins, he's playing very well, I think he does have a lot of chances to win. I have to be focused and be ready for 8:30 and be ready to beat Andrey.

Medvedev and Alcaraz actually play the first match that day, leaving Zverev to play the night match. By the time he steps onto the court, he'll know what happened in the previous one, so it adds another dimension to his matchup with Rublev.

Another thing that's giving Zverev hope is the fact that he's yet to win a second match that he plays at the event. Every time he played, he lost the second match he played but still managed to win the tournament twice.

Yeah, I mean, I've never won a second round-robin match at this event and I won the tournament twice. Yeah, that obviously gives me hope.


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