'When Novak Is DJ, Everybody Dances To His Tune': Djokovic Backed To Dominate Again

'When Novak Is DJ, Everybody Dances To His Tune': Djokovic Backed To Dominate Again

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic might have stopped working with Goran Ivanisevic, but the Croatian wants nothing but the best for his former protege.

Last month, Djokovic dropped bombshell news by announcing that he and Ivanisevic had split and would no longer work together. Nobody saw it coming, and as Andy Roddick observed, it didn't make a lot of sense.

Obviously, we don't know what was going on between them, and there are reports of a supposed big argument, but Ivanisevic had nothing but good things to say in an interview with Serbian tennis journalist Sasa Ozmo.

Speaking to Ozmo, Ivanisevic admitted that he hopes for Djokovic to win the Olympic gold, one of the rare achievements he has never completed in his incredibly successful tennis career.

"I believe that Novak will find motivation, I am sure of it. I wish him Olympic gold with all my heart, even more than the Slams. It’s something that he wants, he feels like he owes it to someone, although he doesn’t owe anyone anything… I wish for him to suceeed in the Olympics."

Djokovic has often talked about never winning Olympic gold. It is his biggest regret in tennis, and he will try to win it this year. For Ivanisevic, the recent struggles don't mean much because he's certain that the 24-time major winner will return to the top.

According to the former Wimbledon champion, when Djokovic is the DJ, everybody dances to his tune, which is an interesting way to put it. It's basically affirming his belief that Djokovic is still in the driving seat, and once he plays his best tennis again, the rest will have to adjust to him.

"When Novak is the DJ, everybody dances to his tune. The sooner he takes over the DJ’s place, the sooner others will start to dance."


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