'Tough One To Swallow': Sinner Reacts To Losing Winning Streak To Alcaraz

'Tough One To Swallow': Sinner Reacts To Losing Winning Streak To Alcaraz

by Zachary Wimer

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Jannik Sinner started really well against Carlos Alcaraz at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, but was left quite gutted after the match concluded as he lost it in three sets.

The Italian came into this match with a lot of confidence, and for the first time in his career, he was the favorite against Alcaraz. The last two matches they played were wins for Sinner, but he was the underdog.

This time around, he was the favorite as he was unbeaten and certainly more impressive in recent weeks compared to the Spaniard. The opening set didn't disprove any of that, as Sinner cruised 6-1.

It was impeccable, but things changed a bit in the second, where Alcaraz was impeccable. The final set was the peak of Alcaraz, who had just dismantled Sinner, who had a nasty fall and never got back into the match after that.

After the match, Sinner admitted that he was disappointed with the way the match ended, but that was just tennis. Some days, you're better, and you win, and sometimes, it's the opposite outcome.

"It's for sure not the ending that I wanted, but playing against him, it's always tough. I tried to play obviously good tennis, which I have done, especially the first set. Then I made a couple of mistakes, the momentum has changed. He raised his level. That's it. Obviously tough one to swallow."

Sinner's more pressing question is whether he'll play in the Miami Open, considering his tumble and his struggle to serve after that. He admitted that his elbow gave him some discomfort, but he'll see how things feel in a few days.

Obviously, an injury is the last thing he needs right now, so he'll prioritize health over anything. We'll see whether that means a minor pause for Sinner after this match.


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