Tsitsipas Set To Leave Top 10 For First Time Since Entering It In 2019

Tsitsipas Set To Leave Top 10 For First Time Since Entering It In 2019

by Zachary Wimer

Stefanos Tsitsipas entered the ATP's Top 10 back in 2019, and he'll leave it in the coming days for the first time since then.

The Greek's career has been fascinating to observe in recent years. Looking at some of his contemporaries, many of them improved and won some big titles, such as Grand Slams or ATP Masters 1000, but Tsitsipas struggled to make that next step in recent years.

He seems like the same player he was years ago, even though the results might say otherwise. In some ways, he looks like he's regressing, but then he also made the Australian Open final last year, which was one of his best career results.

However, in the final, he was very far from actually winning, and that's another bad sign. So, where is Tsitsipas' career heading right now? For the time being, it's going outside of the Top 10.

Dropping out of the Top 10 isn't obviously a career-defying moment for Tsitsipas, but it's not a good sign either. His career hasn't moved forward over the past 12 months, and dropping out of the Top 10 is a direct consequence of that.

He's been slowly overtaken by other players who keep improving and pushing forward while he remains where he was. It doesn't mean that he'll now be ranked outside of the Top 10, but something needs to change.

On Monday, Tsitsipas will have 2990 points, after dropping 35 points from last year, and he will be overtaken by Alex de Minaur, who reached the Rotterdam Open final and will return into the Top 10 of the ATP Rankings.

After falling off a chair recently, the Greek will now fall off the Top 10 too, and that will mark another significant milestone, as he was the last player with a one-handed backhand left in the Top 10.

With his departure, the ATP Rankings won't have a player with a one-handed backhand in the Top 10 for the first time ever.


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