Sinner's Recent Dominance Compared To Nadal's Clay-Court Superiority By Roddick

Sinner's Recent Dominance Compared To Nadal's Clay-Court Superiority By Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player Andy Roddick compared Jannik Sinner's Miami Open run with the dominance of Rafael Nadal on clay.

The Italian has won over 20 matches this year and lost only one, winning three big trophies. That's impressive numbers, and he certainly impressed more than a few people.

Roddick was particularly impressed with his run at the Miami Open, which included more than a few dominant victories. To demonstrate how dominant his run was, Roddick used Rafael Nadal on clay as an example, which he considers the most dominant display of tennis in history.

"I’m gonna to make a point for you on how dominant this performance was by Jannik Sinner. We all know that Novak (Djokovic), the numbers don’t lie and he is the best of all-time. But the most dominant person when you get on a specific surface at a specific time is Rafa on clay. That’s as indisputable as the GOAT conversation, maybe even more so."

"So I’m going what are the statistical comparisons of Jannik Sinner winning 1 and 2 in the semi-finals of a 1000 and then 1 and 3 in the final? 2010 in Monte-Carlo. Rafael Nadal beat David Ferrer 6-1, 6-2 in the semi-final and then beats (Fernando) Verdasco 6-0, 6-1 in the final."

The Spanish player has been the most dominant player on the clay courts ever, and his results prove that, and only recently, Sinner was able to get close to that, at least on the paper.

"To draw a comp to what Sinner just did in Miami, you have to go to prime Nadal on clay. That is what you are comparing this dominance to. Sinner in Miami, Rafa prime on clay. That’s the comp for what he just did."

For the American, Sinner has been the best player in the world in the past five months, and it's not even close. His argument is pretty compelling.

"There is no doubt that over the last five months, he is the best player in the world. He’s beaten Novak three times, he lost the first six in is career against Medvedev and now he has won the last five. He’s won Masters 1000, won Davis Cup and won a Grand Slam."


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