Sinner 'Willing To Show More Personality' Amid Public Relationship With Kalinskaya Says Coach

Sinner 'Willing To Show More Personality' Amid Public Relationship With Kalinskaya Says Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner surprised many by confirming his relationship with fellow player Anna Kalinskaya, and his coach confirmed he's simply more comfortable showing his personality to the public.

Sinner emerged as a super-talented tennis player a few years ago. Not much was known about him away from the court because the Italian preferred his private life to be very private, so all fans got to know about him was his tennis.

While he still prefers to keep it mostly private, Sinner has recently been more open about it. We've seen him model for Gucci recently, and he even confirmed a relationship with a fellow tennis player, things that seemed improbable a few years ago.

He even mentioned his relationship with Anna Kalinskaya during his Halle Open trophy ceremony speech, so he's clearly comfortable sharing more of his private life with the public.

His long-time coach, Simone Vagnozzi, spoke with Ubitennis recently and confirmed that Sinner has grown quite a bit in recent years and is willing to show more of himself to the broader public.

"He’s definitely growing up, and as he gets older he takes on more responsibility. He’s willing to show more of his personality."

Sinner's coach on the Italian showing more of his personality recently

There is obviously more to this than just showing himself. He's world number one player on the ATP Tour now, which in itself will create opportunities for him. The more closed off he is, the tougher it will be to book certain opportunities.

Being a bit older and more comfortable with himself certainly helps him make that crucial decision, but many fans are looking to watch athletes who can show their personality. Sinner will likely be a prominent figure in the sport for many years to come, and fans will be more and more interested in his private life as the time goes on.


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