Sinner Unveils Secrets Of Coaching Dynamics With Cahill & Vagnozzi

Sinner Unveils Secrets Of Coaching Dynamics With Cahill & Vagnozzi

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner has two coaches; he works with Simone Vagnozzi and Darren Cahill, and he talked a bit about how the dynamic works.

Having multiple coaches isn't something strange in tennis because we're starting to see it more and more often. It's quite common among young players, too, as the example of Coco Gauff recently showed.

Holger Rune also has two coaches as of recently, as does Jannik Sinner, who brought in Darren Cahill a while ago. It's been a good journey so far as the Italian evolved into one of the best players in the world, ranking number 4 on the ATP Tour right now.

After another win at the Australian Open, Sinner talked about the coaching dynamics within his team and what each coach does.

"I'm talking in general, I think tactical/technical part is more for Simone. The emotional part, talking in the right way before the match, giving confidence, not only to me but also to the team, this is a little bit more Darren's job."

The breakdown isn't so strange, and it makes sense as it usually happens with these sorts of setups. The crucial part, as Sinner highlighted in the post-match press conference at the Australian open, is the respect between the coaches as they don't dismiss each other lightly but rather work towards a joint conclusion.

"But I think the mix of both of them, it's really nice. You know, they have a lot of respect for each other. Nobody wants to go over one, so they are always in the same line."

"I think that's one key thing what I have in my team, no. We are always, if there is a problem, we talk together, we find a solution together, and honestly, we are quite all pretty relaxed."

So far, it's been going well, but we'll see how far Sinner will go. He's among the favourites to win the tournament, and that would be his biggest career achievement.


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