Sinner Targets His Second Grand Slam Title Immediately After Australian Open Win

Sinner Targets His Second Grand Slam Title Immediately After Australian Open Win

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner won his maiden Australian Open recently, but he's already eyeing a second major, which is what great champions do.

Sinner has been competing on the ATP Tour for a while now, but it was only this year that he won his maiden Grand Slam. It's generally not something that happens immediately, and most players take a while to get there.

Sinner probably took more than a player of his talent, but it's something that's appreciated by some. Just the way he improved little by little until he got to a level where he could challenge the best.

Wins over Novak Djokovic last year kind of proved that, and the culmination came at the Australian Open recently. Overturning the match against Daniil Medvedev was very impressive, and he's not planning to stop there.

During a press conference in Rome following his welcome back to the country, Sinner admitted that he's eyeing number two.

"My dream has always been to win a Slam, now that I've done it we're working to feel that feeling again. Now I want to get back on the court and work, because that's what led me to do what I did."

That is indeed the typical progression in the career of a successful tennis player. If you get to one Grand Slam, you aim to get to number two. If you get to number two, you want to get to number three, and so on.

Obviously, it matters if you can do it, but Sinner has proven it now, so doubting him makes no sense. It's going to be a while before the next Grand Slam, but it's Roland Garros, and there are plenty of big events until then.

There are five Masters before that, and he will want to prove his qualities there too. Sinner only has one of those so far.


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