Sinner Avoids Miami Open Exit Scare In Comeback Victory Over Griekspoor

Sinner Avoids Miami Open Exit Scare In Comeback Victory Over Griekspoor

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner had more trouble than he anticipated against Tallon Griekspoor at the 2024 Miami Open, but he was able to win the match in the end in three sets.

This match wasn't supposed to be as complicated as it was for Sinner, but he won't be too mad about it because he ultimately won. Griekspoor played a pretty good match overall to win the opening set, but it had a lot to do with his serve.

The Dutch player can serve really well, and he did so in the opening set. He also outplayed Sinner in that set, saving all three of the break points he faced. The Italian faced only two of those but failed to save one, and that was the difference.

The second set was pretty close as well because the reigning Australian Open champion needed a lot of chances to finally find a breakthrough. Griekspoor is a tricky player, and he had a really good match, which made Sinner tougher than he needed to be.

However, when the match finally flipped, it was all Sinner from there on. The final set was a complete dominance from the third seed, as he was able to win it 6-1.

Sinner dominated, and he was able to follow up on his previous win in Miami. On the other hand, Griekspoor played a really solid match basically matching Sinner in the winner total.

He had over 24 winners, but he also had more unforced errors. He also didn't serve as well as Sinner, who put up 13 aces, which is a pretty high number for him.

The improvement in his serve is a pretty fascinating thing to observe, and it unlocked many new plays for him. The final score ended up being 5-7, 7-5, 6-1 for the Italian, who finished with 28 winners and only 6 unforced errors.


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