Sinner Admits He Sacrifices Match Freshness In Madrid With Extra Gym Time

Sinner Admits He Sacrifices Match Freshness In Madrid With Extra Gym Time

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner admitted that he's working hard in the gym to prepare for a brutal summer stretch, sacrificing match freshness at the 2024 Madrid Open.

The Italian isn't known as the most physically imposing player, as he's always been more on the thinner side when it comes to tennis players. Bulk is not needed in tennis, but the stronger a tennis player is, the less likely they are to injure themselves.

That's the theory, at least, and Sinner has had some injury woes in the past. He's been working hard in the gym for a while now and is noticeably bulkier, which might have contributed to his recent rise in the sport.

The Italian is widely considered the best playing tennis player right now, as he has lost only two matches so far in 2024.

In a talk with Prakash Amritraj of the Tennis Channel, Sinner admitted that he's been working out in the gym even during events, including this week's Madrid Open.

"Very intense. We done a lot of gym. We try to build up, we're trying to be ready for Roland Garros. That is the main event. I'm very excited to play here. I didn't play here last year so it's even more exciting. But you know we work a lot in the gym, today after the match we went to the gym to work out."

The hard work in the gym obviously impacts his energy level, and he hinted at feeling more fatigued during matches at the ATP Masters 1000 event because of it, but there is a clear intent there.

It's to be ready for the Roland Garros, where he might have to play a couple of 3-4 hour matches in a row. Obviously, the summer will be very busy for him with the Olympics and the preparation for them.

"So it can be that I am a little bit more tired during the match. I have to accept this and then we'll see how it goes no? In my mind I know the sitaution. I know what's coming."


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