'Sampras 2002 Vibes': Djokovic To Target 2024 Retirement Says Murray's Ex-Coach

'Sampras 2002 Vibes': Djokovic To Target 2024 Retirement Says Murray's Ex-Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic might target a retirement in 2024, according to former ATP player Mark Petchey, who senses Pete Sampras vibes from 2002.

When the Serbian won the ATP Finals last year, few expected him to struggle a lot this year. Just over a month later, he was in Australia as the top favorite, with many expecting him to win the first major of the season again.

He didn't, as he lost to an incredible Jannik Sinner. That match was weird because Djokovic seemed powerless against a player who would not be getting any worse in the coming weeks.

The 36-year-old added a couple of more losses as the year went on, and each one made it worse. The most recent loss against Alejandro Tabilo at the 2024 Italian Open was yet another bad loss, but it might have something to do with the bottle incident, as Djokovic didn't feel good during the match.

Still, he will be one of the favorites In Paris, but former player Petchey doesn't get good vibes from everything he's seen this year, suggesting the Serbian may retire this season.

"Anyone else getting a Paris Olympics massive push for the one thing Novak doesn’t have and then Au Revoir to tennis? Starting to get Sampras 2002 vibes. Still have him in the favourite category for RG and Wimbledon but to be this great for so long takes incredible sacrifice."

Petchey on X

In 2002, Sampras endured a tough campaign, losing early in Australia, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. It was really strange to see because nobody expected him to fall off so quickly.

The American then won the US Open, and it was also the tournament of his tennis career. His formal announcement of retirement came in 2003, but the US Open was his final event.

According to Petchey, he's getting similar vibes from Djokovic, who has struggled a lot this year.


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