'Bad Boy Thing Is To Break Racquets': Rune Dismisses 'Bad Boy' Label

'Bad Boy Thing Is To Break Racquets': Rune Dismisses 'Bad Boy' Label

by Balasz Virag

Holger Rune has once again dismissed the bad boy tag explaining that he doesn't really do anything that would warrant that nickname.

Resident bad boy Nick Kyrgios is away from the ATP Tour and the community needs a new one. Holger Rune has been elected as the new bad boy of tennis by popular opinion however it's not a tag he's really comfortable with and dismisses any association with it.

Speaking following an impressive and drama-filled showing against Novak Djokovic, Rune admitted that he simply plays with a lot of passion and energy but that's not entirely different from any other players on the tennis Tour.

I don't see myself as the bad boy at all. I mean, I play with a lot of passion and energy when I'm on the court. I think many players do that. I don't know why that should be a bad boy thing, to play with energy on the court. A bad boy thing is to break racquets and stuff like this. If I remember well, I don't break a racquet when I play. I don't see myself like that.

Rune dismisses bad boy tag

The latest match he played featured a rather vocal clash with umpire Lahyani who called a ball which Rune argued was out. He admitted after the match that there are some questionable things here and there like the clash with the umpire.

He just passionately argued what he saw, nothing major. After all, the ball was shown to truly be out by the replay on TV and Djokovic clashed with Lahyani as well.

There are obviously a few things here and there. The umpire today. But again, I see the ball out, he saw it in. I saw on the Hawk-Eye after that the ball was out, so I don't know.


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