Rune Admits To 'Feeling Sorry' For His Opponent After Umpire's Mistake At Roland Garros

Rune Admits To 'Feeling Sorry' For His Opponent After Umpire's Mistake At Roland Garros

Holger Rune produced a superb effort to outlast a very inspired Francisco Cerundolo at Roland Garros but it didn't happen without controversy.

Holger Rune is in the Roland Garros quarter-final thanks to a pretty good performance against Cerundolo. He won in five sets after rallying from a break down in the final set to do so. His reward is a chance to take on fellow Scandinavian Casper Ruud, a man who beat him here in the quarter-finals last year.

Revenge happened recently in Rome and Rune is hoping to win another one against Ruud but it will be tricky. He'll require some luck and he had quite a bit of bit against Cerundolo, especially when the umpire awarded him a point he didn't deserve.

It was a controversial double mistake from umpire Nouni who called hindrance on Cerundolo on a point where the ball bounced twice on Rune's side of the court losing him the point.

It was momentum-shifting play as Rune got a break point because of it, one he converted about a minute later. His reaction didn't go down well on social media with many accusing him of bad sportsmanship.

It's not the first time Rune had a controversy on the court as we've seen many that already earned him a 'bad boy' image on the ATP Tour, one he rejected earlier this year. He rejected blame for this controversy as well explaining that he didn't see the double bounce until a replay after the end of the game.

Yeah, so when I was hitting the ball, I didn't know, I just ran for it. But then obviously when I saw it, after he did call it, I saw it after the next point on the TV, and I saw it was a double bounce. But the point already happened and he called the score.

So I felt sorry. Sorry for him. Yeah, I mean, then I managed to break him. I hold serve. Then after he broke me it was close again. You know, this is tennis. This is sports. You know, some umpires, they make mistakes. Some for me; some for him. That's life.


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