WATCH: 'I Wanna Be Sure You'll Be Fined': Massive Umpire Mistake Angers Cerundolo

WATCH: 'I Wanna Be Sure You'll Be Fined': Massive Umpire Mistake Angers Cerundolo

by Evita Mueller

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Francisco Cerundolo was left in disbelief after the tennis umpire made double mistakes which contributed to him losing a crucial game.

Umpires making mistakes in tennis is common, they are human and all humans make mistakes. However, this mistake was particularly costly to Francisco Cerundolo in a hugely important moment for the Argentine in his clash at the 2023 Roland Garros with Holger Rune.

It was 40-40 when Cerundolo hit a winner which double bounced in front of Rune who played the ball back with Ceunrdolo having an easy smash. However, the point was over with a double bounce but the umpire didn't notice that. He let the point go on with the ball kid almost entering the court to collect the ball after seeing the double bounce.

Cerundolo was left confused when the umpire called let due to the kid entering with a discussion following that. He didn't understand how the umpire missed it and then to make things the umpire changed the call to hindrance because Cerundolo spoke during the point awarding Rune a break point. The Dane would ultimately convert the break point to go up 3-1 in the set which he won 6-4.

The mistake was a major one from umpire Nouni who wasn't going to be moved from his decision. Rune could have demonstrated great sportsmanship in that moment as he had a good view of the double bounce but he remained silent justifying the bad boy nickname some have given him. He previously rejected it finding no fault in his behaviour.

It will be an interesting press conference for the Dnae as he will certainly be asked about it and he'll probably claim that he didn't see it. According to some, maybe an instance of bad sportsmanship, just a day after we saw a disqualification at Roland Garros. Certainly not as admirable as Alcaraz's gesture of good sportsmanship. Check it out below.


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