Rublev Releases Official Apology For Dubai Actions After Backlash

Rublev Releases Official Apology For Dubai Actions After Backlash

by Zachary Wimer

Andrey Rublev has finally released an apology after the 2024 Dubai Championships incident, which earned him some heavy backlash.

There was an interesting split in public opinion when it came to Rublev's shouting incident in Dubai. Late in the third set, Rublev found himself over the edge during a match against Alexander Bublik.

He went over to a line umpire and shouted in their face for a few moments, which ultimately got him defaulted not long after that. He was stunned by the decision, and some of his colleagues were as well.

Some of them publicly spoke up for him, which was very interesting to see. When you see the situation unfold, it's kind of hard to take Rublev's side regardless of what happened before.

Fans were pretty negative about the whole incident, with many bashing Rublev for his behavior. He wasn't helped by the fact that he has a track record of behavior like this, which isn't acceptable, despite being arguably the nicest guy on Tour.

After many days, Rublev finally took time out of his schedule to apologize for the situation. He created a video to apologize, which is pretty noble of him, considering that he could have just released a written statement.

He did that previously, and fans were not happy about how the Russian shaped it, and that was also likely why he has decided to put together one more, proper, apology.

"I would like to apologize for my behaviour in Dubai because it's unacceptable to yell or to scream at someone. Doesn't matter who, if it's just linesman or spectator. It's unacceptable and I'm really sorry for that. Doesn't matter even if the guy is right or wrong it's unacceptable."

"I'm nobody and no one to do those things. For sure I got a lesson and for sure I learned from it. So hopefully everything is going to be okay and I will be a better player."


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