Rafael Nadal Signs Up For 2024 Barcelona Open After Two-Year Absence

Rafael Nadal Signs Up For 2024 Barcelona Open After Two-Year Absence

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal is set to make an official return to competitive tennis in two weeks, and he's planning on making the stay longer than just in Australia.

Nadal's comeback was a huge talking point for much of the 2023 season, especially in the first half, as we all expected him to show up in Paris. While it wasn't the main talking point, plenty of people discussed his return and how it will change the tennis landscape in 2024.

The answer will arrive shortly as the Spaniard will return at the Brisbane International event at the start of January. It's only part of the answer, though, as he'll take a while to find his best tennis again, and only then will we be able to judge what might happen.

Even so, the Spaniard has shown a lot of promise and is planning out his season already. He's committed to a few events, including one of his favorites, the Barcelona Open. The last time he played was in 2021, when he won the ATP 500 event by beating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final.

Nadal's history at the event is ridiculous as he's won it 12 times in the past, which is why the main court is called Pista Rafael Nadal. He's won the trophy playing on the court that actually bears his name, which not a lot of people can say.

In any case, he's coming back to the event in 2024, as they announced it on social media. It's quite exciting as Alcaraz dominated the event in the past two years, and perhaps we see a Spanish duel in 2024.

We'll have to wait a bit more for that to happen, though, as the event is played in late April. It will run from April 15th till the 21st, so mark your calendars. Nadal returns to Barcelona.


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