Elina Svitolina Set To Manage Ukrainian Billie Jean King Cup National Team

Elina Svitolina Set To Manage Ukrainian Billie Jean King Cup National Team

by Evita Mueller

For many years, Elina Svitolina played for the Ukrainian Billie Jean King Cup Team, and now she will manage it through her foundation.

Svitolina and Ukrainian tennis are deeply connected to one another because we haven't seen a player as good as Svitolina from the country in recent years.

For years, she was the one who carried the sport forward in her country, and when she won an Olympic Medal in Tokyo, her place in the country's tennis history was cemented forever.

Things took a turn for the worse for Ukraine in recent years as the country was dragged into a war that deeply affected Svitolina. She worked towards humanitarian relief since the start of it but also saw herself return to tennis following a pregnancy.

It was a happy return as she played some of the best tennis she had ever played, giving a lot of people back home some inspiration as they kept fighting for their existence.

For the next four years, Svitolina will have an even bigger impact on tennis in the country as her foundation will work with the Billie Jean King Cup Team.

It was announced on social media with a statement detailing what this new arrangement means in practice.

A new chapter in our history: for the next 4 years, the Elina Svitolina Foundation will manage the Ukrainian women’s national team in the @billiejeankingcup team tennis championships. Our founder @elisvitolina will be actively involved in strategy development and preparation of the national team, ensuring Team Ukraine is competing at the highest levels.

Statement on Svitolina's involment

It's an interesting setup that we haven't seen before in tennis, at least not in this capacity. She's an active player who was given a chance by the country's federation to oversee essentially the female division of the country's tennis.


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