People Mistake Rune's Confidence For 'Cockiness And Arrogance' Says Fritz

People Mistake Rune's Confidence For 'Cockiness And Arrogance' Says Fritz

by Evita Mueller

Taylor Fritz spoke about his colleague on the ATP Tour, Holger Rune, and how some of the fans mistake his confidence for cockiness and arrogance.

Rune is one of the most polarizing tennis players to emerge in recent years. You either love everything about him, or you absolutely hate everything about him. There is very little in between when it comes to the Dane and the way he approaches things.

His whole tennis is based upon his tremendous confidence, which allows him to hit some incredible shots that leave you wondering whether it was even possible. That confidence is perceived as cockiness by many, which isn't surprising.

There is a fine line between those, but for Fritz, it's the former. He knows Rune, having beaten him in Miami this year, and he has no problem with anything he does. They even teamed up for doubles before, which indicates that they get along fine, as the American disclosed during his recent Twitch stream.

I like Holger, I've never had any issues with Holger, we played doubles. I don't think there's any issues. I think he has big expectations and big ambitions, and I think people mistake someone saying that they want to be the next Big Three, when you say you want to do all these great things, and people then mistake that for cockiness.

But like, so what? I don't think people understand, if you want to be successful, you need to actually believe it and you have to have some of that arrogance and confidence to you.

Fritz is a very confident player as well and he's certainly had detractors in the past as well. He can kind of relate to Rune in that regard because he's been shushed a lot in the past few years only to prove everybody wrong.

You have to believe in yourself because if you don't, you might as well not try.


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