Novak Djokovic In Contention To Break His Own Record As Oldest ATP Year-End No. 1

Novak Djokovic In Contention To Break His Own Record As Oldest ATP Year-End No. 1

by Evita Mueller

Novak Djokovic holds the record of being the oldest player to finish a tennis season as world number one, and he's likely to repeat it this year.

The battle for number one is a thing that will be interesting to tennis fans beyond the usual who wins which event. Carlos Alcaraz and Djokovic both have chances to finish the year as world number one, though Djokovic's chances are higher simply because of his track record.

He's been traditionally spectacular at this part of the year, winning the Paris Masters many times, including the ATP Finals. It almost happened last year as well, as Djokovic won the ATP Finals comfortably and nearly the Paris Masters, where he lost to Rune in the final.

Djokovic currently leads the race ahead of Alcaraz and has about 500 points more than Alcaraz. That's a pretty big amount, considering that we only have a couple of more events. Alcaraz will play one more than Djokovic (Basel), and it's worth 500 points, so if he goes all the way, that could be very interesting.

In any case, it's going to be very interesting as the layers will literally battle it out on the courts. Should Djokovic finish the year as number one, then he'll better his own record he set two years ago, which is being the oldest year-end No. 1 in tennis history.

The current record is held by Djokovic, who was 34 years and 7 months old when he last finished the year as the world number one. Should he finish number one this year, he'll better that by two years, becoming the oldest at 36 years and 7 months. Still, a lot of tennis needs to be played before it becomes official but it should be exciting. We're only days away from Basel so stay tuned.


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