'No Matter What Statistics Say, You Are GOAT': Federer Admired By Skiing Legend Vonn

'No Matter What Statistics Say, You Are GOAT': Federer Admired By Skiing Legend Vonn

by Zachary Wimer

Lindsey Vonn is a fantastic skier but also a dedicated tennis fan who considers Roger Federer the greatest player of all time.

Vonn is a pretty dedicated tennis fan who follows the sport keenly when she gets the chance. The skier has interacted with many players over the years, most recently with Jannik Sinner, who was once a skiing prodigy.

She recently followed his Australian Open run and praised him for reminding her of Roger Federer, who is clearly Vonn's favorite player. She recently finally got a chance to ski with him and posted about it on social media.

She also used the occasion to write some words about Federer, whom she had admired for a very long time. She also let it be known that for her, he is always going to be the greatest of all time.

"I finally got to ski with my friend Roger… yes, Roger Federer! Have to take some time to really reflect on what it this means to me… I have admired Roger as an athlete, philanthropist and incredible champion for so many years."

"Normally, people you look up to always let you down in one way or another, but not Roger. Rog is the epitome of a true sportsman and champion in every sense of the word."

According to the American, the two were trying to organize the trip for a very long time, and this year, they finally made it happen, enjoying some fun time together on the mountain.

In her emotional tribute, Vonn said that regardless of what the statistics say, Federer, for her, is the greatest of all time, because of his impact on people.

"We’ve been talking about skiing together for such a long time I wasn’t sure if it would happen…. But here we are; retired, skiing and enjoying life! Thanks for this memory Rog. You and your family are truly one of a kind and no matter what the statistics say (or Leo lol) you’re my forever GOAT, because it’s not about the stats but the impact you have made on me, and I’m just one of millions. Cheers my friend."


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