Nick Kyrgios Announces 2024 Australian Open Withdrawal on OnlyFans

Nick Kyrgios Announces 2024 Australian Open Withdrawal on OnlyFans

by Evita Mueller

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Nick Kyrgios has officially announced that he will miss the 2024 Australian Open and it was on his new OnlyFans account.

The life of Nick Kyrgios is truly one for the cinemas because it keeps getting more interesting. A few days ago, the Australian opened his official OnlyFans account to build a community for his fans.

He will give fans an all-access view into his life and tennis career, and he's starting with a pretty big first announcement on the platform.

The Australian confirmed what has been speculated about for weeks now - he's missing the 2024 Australian Open. The writings for this one were on the wall for a while.

His recent comments on the Tennis Channel didn't inspire much hope in fans. Australian Open director Craig Tiley didn't help with his recent comments, and when his name was not on the entry list, we kind of knew what was going to happen.

Some hoped he might get a wild card entry, but that's not happening, as he's officially out. The announcement came on OnlyFans, which marks his first major announcement on that platform.

It's likely to be a place where we'll get more updates for him in the future. Despite not playing, Kyrgios will be in Melbourne, serving as commentator again.

The Australian had his first experience with that type of job recently in the United States, where he worked for the Tennis Channel as part of the ATP Finals team.

It's an unfortunate development for the fan favourite, but that's the reality. He didn't recover in time and will need a bit more time to be fully ready.

He didn't give any indication as to where he'd return, but the Sunshine Double seems like a logical target. The clay season certainly won't be it, so there might be a chance we won't see him until the grass season.


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