'I Actually Cried': Gauff's US Open Triumph Moved Eubanks To Tears

'I Actually Cried': Gauff's US Open Triumph Moved Eubanks To Tears

by Sebastian Dahlman

Christopher Eubanks was very happy when Coco Gauff won the US Open, as he actually cried a bit after it happened.

Eubanks and Gauff go way back as they know each other by being tennis players from the same country and region. Eubanks knows most of the US players well, as he's also worked part-time for the Tennis Channel as an analyst, which seemed like his destined calling prior to this year.

He had an incredible breakout year this year, which allowed him to continue his tennis dream, and part of that is actually due to Gauff. He talked about practicing with her and the tips and support she gave him, urging him to stick with tennis.

She believed he had what it takes, and he proved it this year. In turn, Eubanks believed Gauff had what it took to win a Grand Slam, and she also proved it this year by winning the US Open.

The triumph was a big thing for Eubanks, who admitted to the Tennis Channel that he shed a tear when it happened.

I actually cried a little bit. Watching her win wasn’t the real emotional part, it was watching her hug her dad at the end that really got me and you could see.

It was a huge moment for the whole of the US because they had waited for another champion since Serena Williams retired. In Gauff, they have a player who will certainly deliver a few more in the future, which should inspire more young kids to pick up a racquet. Eubanks also touched upon his relationship with Gauff.

I know Cory and Coco so well, I know what, you know I have an idea of what they’ve kinda been through to get to that point so to see them have that embrace and I’m sitting in front of the TV and I can’t believe it and when she runs into his arms and they hug each other, I said oh man and it started coming out.


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