'Never Let Anyone Come Into My House': Federer To Have Special Documentary

'Never Let Anyone Come Into My House': Federer To Have Special Documentary

by Zachary Wimer

Roger Federer will have a documentary coming out from Amazon, focusing mostly on his retirement.

The Swiss Maestro was, for much of his career, the most popular tennis player in the world. He had an incredible career, during which he managed to win 20 majors, and he ended it at the 2022 Laver Cup.

In many people's eyes, this new era of tennis, thriving tennis, came mostly because of him. He came at a time when the sport was losing popularity and completely reignited the world's interest in the sport.

Most of these emerging players today grew up idolizing Federer in one way or another, and that just proves his legacy. A film might be better suited, and one will likely come in the future.

However, so far, Amazon is working on a Federer documentary, which will be something we've never seen before. It will be very personal and up close, which Federer generally keeps away from the public eye.

"It’s a snapshot of my life over those 12 days, which is pretty hardcore and interesting. I never let anyone come into my house."

The documentary will give fans a chance to hear from his wife, who gave her first interview in a long time. There is footage from his hotel room and his house, which, again, is something fans have never seen before.

It was filmed around his official retirement from tennis, which was a very emotional moment for the Swiss player, so it's a deeply personal film.

"It’s a very personal film. It’s looking deep into another layer of the tennis tour – how the camaraderie is a good one on the tour. Yes, here are rivalries, but off the court there are friendships and respect."

It should be a really great chance for all tennis fans, but especially Federer's fans, to get a closer look at somebody we know everything about but also know very little about outside of the tennis courts.


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