Nadal's Priority To Leave Indian Wells Without An Injury After Long Hiatus

Nadal's Priority To Leave Indian Wells Without An Injury After Long Hiatus

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal has a pretty simple concept of what would be a successful Indian Wells result, and it's to stay healthy.

This comeback isn't that different from the last time Nadal was coming back to tennis in January. His goal back then was also to remain healthy but he didn't as he got injured in his third match back.

The idea this time around is the same: he wants to come back, be competitive, and remain healthy. Part of that is because of the way the Brisbane International comeback unfolded, but part of that is just because he's being realistic.

It would be unrealistic to talk about winning trophies when he's yet to prove that he can actually remain on the court for more than a handful of matches.

That's why he told Marca that remaining healthy post-Indian Wells is pretty much the only goal he has from this Netflix Slam - Indian Wells stretch.

"For me it is important to spend a few days in Indian Wells and train with professionals. I am excited to play with Carlos in Las Vegas. The preparation for Indian Wells has been bad and for Brisbane had been good."

"I hope to play a set between this Sunday's match and the three days I have left before the debut. For me the priority is to try to get out of Indian Wells unscathed."

The bluntless with which Nadal talked during the interview may surprise many, but that's been on theme for much of this year's comeback. The match will ultimately be the best test for Nadal, and even if the preparation has been bad, dismissing him would be a mistake.

We saw in Brisbane that his tennis still looks good, but his health is the problem. That's why he underlined that as the main goal for the upcoming two weeks.


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