Nadal 'Won't Retire' At Roland Garros If He Wins It According To Uncle Toni

Nadal 'Won't Retire' At Roland Garros If He Wins It According To Uncle Toni

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal will likely play at the 2024 Roland Garros, but according to his uncle, Toni Nadal, he won't be retiring after it, even if he wins.

Uncle Toni is best known as the long-time coach of his nephew and, more recently, Felix Auger-Aliassime. He's not coaching either player right now, but he still gives little insights about his nephew every now and then, talking to the media often.

He'd be the first to hint at what may happen in the future, so when he speaks, many fans pay close attention to what he says. After all, he's in contact with Nadal often and sees him on the courts in Mallorca almost daily.

In his most recent interview, Toni Nadal told Diarios de Bicicleta that the 22-time major winner likely won't retire after the French Open. It doesn't matter if he actually wins it or doesn't win it; there won't be any retirement coming soon, which is good news for fans.

"He is not going to drag himself down, he remains confident because of his mentality and way of being. He will not go to Roland Garros to lose in the second round, only if he believes he can win the tournament. His dream ending would be to win Roland Garros and retire, but I think if he does he will want to continue. He won't retire."

Obviously, Toni framed this as strictly an opinion because he wouldn't want to let anything slip that Nadal himself is unsure about. Still, Rafael Nadal denied retirement at Roland Garros himself not too long ago.

He certainly isn't someone who will walk away from the sport knowing he's got more to give. Ultimately, it just depends on how things go day by day, and that's also how he approaches this comeback to tennis, which may also be his farewell.


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