Nadal 'To Play' Roland Garros 'Unless He Has Big Problem' Says Former Rival Wawrinka

Nadal 'To Play' Roland Garros 'Unless He Has Big Problem' Says Former Rival Wawrinka

by Zachary Wimer

According to fellow ATP player, and former rival, Stan Wawrinka, fans will have a chance to see Rafael Nadal at the 2024 Roland Garros.

The Swiss player seemingly has an opinion that none of his former rivals will retire anytime soon. He admitted recently that he can see Andy Murray making a U-turn on his retirement decision, and he certainly doesn't think Nadal will retire either.

He himself is not going anywhere anytime soon, being the oldest player in the Top 500 on the ATP Tour, and hinting at continuing beyond the 2024 season and even further, so he probably thinks that other players are thinking like him.

Nadal has given his terms about whether he'll play in Paris or not, and he's more likely to play than not, at least at the moment. Still, despite he uncertainty, Wawrinka doesn't see any way that Nadal could miss the tournament.

"I think he will play for sure, unless he gets injured. I think he will play, I’m sure that’s the reason why also he played the last few weeks, he wants to play, he wants to play the biggest tournaments. So unless he has a big problem physically and he cannot practise anymore, I think he will play."

Wawrinka to Express Sport

While the Spaniard's participation doesn't seem to be the main question, the question is whether his body will hold up, and if it does, how far it can take him.

"Rafa has always been an example of a fighter. He had so many injuries during his career but his rhythm for 20 years to be out, to come back."

"And also I’m looking forward to what he’s going to do and how his body will react because I think, and [from] what I can hear, it’s also his body [that] will decide when he will stop."


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