Murray Will Make U-Turn On Retirement Decision According To Former Rival Wawrinka

Murray Will Make U-Turn On Retirement Decision According To Former Rival Wawrinka

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray is supposed to retire this year, but according to former rival Stan Wawrinka, he won't, as the Swiss player could see him do a U-turn on the decision.

Murray announced earlier this year that he will retire from professional tennis. He didn't specify a date or an event, but many assume that it's either going to happen after Wimbledon or after the US Open.

He has confirmed his intention to hang up the racket a few times since then, but some are unsure whether he'll go through with it. Wawrinka is one of those, as he admitted that he could see the former world no. 1 making a U-turn on his decision to retire because he may have announced his decision in the spur of the moment.

It might have been something he thought about for a long time because his level this year has been quite bad, but he did start to play well before the unfortunate injury happened.

"I don’t think he will stop. I think when he announced stopping it’s a lot because of the emotion after losing a match but I’m not sure he will stop this summer."

Wawrinka in an exclusive with the Daily Express

Technically, anything is possible, so Murray might make such a decision. We've seen Rafael Nadal flirt with it on occasion, so clearly, these players still have the desire to compete if their bodies can keep up.

Murray obviously didn't enjoy it as much during his losing streak, but if he starts playing well again, he may keep going as Wawrinka suggested.

"I think because he’s passionate about the game and I think of course he’s in a mixed feeling; when he’s winning or losing it’s not easy with the emotion. But I think as long as he’s passionate and feels competitive, he will keep going."

The injury he suffered in Miami certainly didn't help him, but he's back, competing at the clay-court ATP Challenger tournament in France.


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