Nadal 'Hopes To Be Back' At Roland Garros For Olympics: 'That Motivates Me'

Nadal 'Hopes To Be Back' At Roland Garros For Olympics: 'That Motivates Me'

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal hopes to be back on the Court Philippe-Chatrier for the Olympics as the Spaniard addressed the crowd following his Roland Garros loss.

The 22-time major winner returned to Court Philippe-Chatrier for a match against Alexander Zverev, and it was a decent match from his side. He didn't win the match, but he left a solid impression on many tennis fans who arrived to greet him in what might have been his final French Open.

Breaking tennis tradition, Nadal was given a chance to address the crowd following the match after Zverev briefly spoke on the court. In the talk, Nadal admitted that he's not sure whether it was his final time at the French Open, but it probably won't be his final time on the Court Philippe-Chatrier.

He'll have a chance to play on the court fairly soon if he manages to become part of the Spanish tennis delegation that will compete at the Paris Olympics. It's far from a certainty, but he's quite motivated to find himself there so that he can play at Roland Garros again.

"I enjoy playing a lot and traveling with the family. The body is feeling better than 2 months ago. Maybe in 2 months I say it’s enough. But it’s something I don’t feel yet. I hope to be back on this court for the Olympics. That motivates me. That’s going to be another chance."

Obviously, there is always a decent chance that Nadal will extend his career until next year, but that doesn't seem so likely right now. He did admit that his body feels better compared to two months ago, so maybe in two months, he'll feel even better.

At the moment, the 14-time French Open champion can't give any verdicts, and that's why his fans will have to wait a couple of months before seeing whether he's ready to continue playing.


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