Murray To Be 'Out For Extended Period' After Injuring Himself In Miami

Murray To Be 'Out For Extended Period' After Injuring Himself In Miami

by Erik Virostko

Andy Murray won't appear on the tennis courts in the upcoming weeks, as he will be sidelined with an injury.

The British player got back to winning ways at the 2024 Miami Open, when he managed to win his first two matches at the ATP Masters 1000 tournament, which is part of the famed Sunshine Doubles.

Then, however, he lost to Czech talent Tomas Machac, even though the former world no. 1 was very close to a win, when he engineered a late third-set comeback, taking the score from 2-5 to 5-5.

It was exactly during the rally that made the score 5-5 that Murray injured himself and required medical attention, before making a brave decision to continue playing.

Ultimately, he didn't have enough to outplay Machac, even though he had a one-mini-break lead in the tie-break. The Czech player won the match 5-7, 7-5, 7-6(5).

But the loss wasn't the worst thing that happened to Murray in the match, as he ruptured his anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) as well as his calcaneofibular ligament (CFL).

"Yesterday towards the end of my match in Miami I suffered a full rupture of my ATFL and near full thickness rupture of my CFL. I will see an ankle specialist when I return home to determine next steps."

Right now, the British player is set to see a specialist, who will determine the exact extent of the injury and the recovery period.

However, already now, Murray knows that he'll miss a big part of the 2024 season, which is his last on the ATP Tour. With the clay-court part of the season coming up, even though an injury is unfortunate, it's probably the most ideal time for it for Murray.

"Goes without saying this is a tough one to take and I’ll be out for an extended period. But I’ll be back with 1 hip and no ankle ligaments when the time is right."


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