WATCH: Kasatkina Loses Crucial Point Because Of Massive Error From Live Hawk-Eye

WATCH: Kasatkina Loses Crucial Point Because Of Massive Error From Live Hawk-Eye

by Zachary Wimer

Daria Kasatkina was left speechless after a wide ball was called in by the live hawk-eye system, which effectively lost her point.

The Russian is not a player who will make a huge scene out of nothing. She's a pretty soft-spoken and very realistic player who, however, doesn't shy away from speaking her mind, even on controversial subjects, like live electronic line calling.

She was one of the only Russian players who didn't protest their banning from Wimbledon, simply stating that she understood why it happened and accepted it. Even so, the Russian was left quite speechless during her most recent match at the 2024 Miami Open.

She didn't make a huge scene out of it, but she refused to accept a very damaging call for her initially. During her match against Sorana Cirstea, the Romanian hit a clearly wide serve.

Everybody could see it, even Cirstea, who was ready to serve again. It wouldn't come to that because the system called the ball in. The umpire didn't intervene but announced the score, which was the game for Cirstea, who was taken aback by the situation but ultimately accepted it and went to her bench.

Kasatkina remained on the court and refused to go back to her bench, requesting a replay. The replay was even more insane because it showed the ball flying from the wrong angle and landing inside.

Fans online put together a video showing the slow motion of the serve, and it was clearly out. The umpire explained to Kasatkina that the situation was done, the call was made, and she would have to accept that the ball was called in.

After standing there speechless for a while, Kasatkina accepted the call, and the match continued. She ultimately lost the match 5-7, 2-6, as the call came on the crucial point, when she led 4-2 in the opening set with her opponent serving with an advantage.


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