De Minaur Opens Up About Paparazzi Experience With Girlfriend Boulter

De Minaur Opens Up About Paparazzi Experience With Girlfriend Boulter

by Zachary Wimer

Alex de Minaur has been part of a popular tennis couple for a while, but the Australian is pretty low-key about it.

Still, he got his paparazzi moment last year at Wimbledon. Probably the most famous tennis couple right now are Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas, but there is also a lesser-known one that doesn't appear so much in the public eye.

De Minaur and Katie Boulter have been dating for a while, but there is not much talk about them. They don't have much social media presence as a couple, nor do they push themselves too much.

It's how both of them prefer to live their lives, but they still had their paparazzi moment at last year's Wimbledon. Both were in London for the event, but de Minaur was shocked about the level of interest Boulter had from the media.

British players were under a lot of eyeballs at that time of the year, and it was something he hadn't expected to see. He talked about that in a recent interview with The Times, in which he explained how it all was for him.

"It was quite eye-opening to realise the level of eyeballs that are on her during that time of the year. It was just the amount of attention that surrounded her as British No 1."

"It was my first actual interaction in which we had paparazzi staking outside our house where we were staying in Wimbledon, which I thought was quite crazy. Then they were following us when we went out to just enjoy a day around London."

As an Australian, de Minaur is not used to that type of attention, nor does he want it. It was an eye-opening moment, and it likely won't stop because his girlfriend is doing really well at the moment. She's currently the highest-ranked player from the Great Britain and will likely remain for the following few months.


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