'More Pain Than Pleasure': Tsitsipas Opens Up On Being Tennis Player

'More Pain Than Pleasure': Tsitsipas Opens Up On Being Tennis Player

Stefanos Tsitsipas shared advice to his younger self in a new feature for the ATP Youtube channel called Note to Self.

Stefanos Tsitsipas has been part of the top of tennis for a few years, though the journey there was rather painful. From nearly drowning as a kid to moving from your country to pursue his dreams, Tsitsipas isn't one of those tennis players for whom everything clicked.

He's had to work hard, but things worked out well for him in the end. He's yet to fulfill all of his dreams but he's living the life of a professional tennis player. That was the dream when he was younger and he got it done.

There is more pain involved than there is pleasure. And that's what makes it so special in terms of it's made for very few people. My younger self wouldn't know how hard it would take me to get to where I am today. Thinking about it now, there have been so many painful moments in my career so far that I never anticipated or never thought I would reach that point.

Tsitsipas to a younger self

The journey is long and it's still going on though he has a supportive family and knows a big cheerleader who knows what it's like by his side. It helps him stay grounded as he often speaks about the journey mattering. It's not all about tennis but enjoying yourself, and he's tried to live that way. In the end, he told his younger self to stay positive.

This is going to be a very long journey, difficult one, an enjoyable one, one with victories and one with losses. And just try and love the game as much as you can. Just think positively. Don't let negativity drown you, and stay on your feet even when you get punched.


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