Mikael Ymer Fined $40.000 After Smashing Umpire's Chair In Anger

Mikael Ymer Fined $40.000 After Smashing Umpire's Chair In Anger

Mikael Ymer never saw his name more in the news than after his default which happened during a match against Arthur Fils in Lyon recently.

Ymer was playing native player Fils at the Lyon Open and it was a really competitive match where the Swedish player had an early lead. The French player battled back a bit later with a questionable call by the umpire enraging the Swede.

He couldn't refocus well ending up losing the set and lashing out against the umpire after that hitting the chair as well. He created a hole in the chair which ultimately resulted in a default and a fine that totaled 40.000 dollars.

A spokesperson for the ATP explained that Ymer forfeited his earned prize money from the event (about 10.500 dollars) with an additional fine of 29.000 dollars handed out. He finally got the chance to address the media for the first time since then at Roland Garros.

With all due respect, I think it’ pretty clear from the video what caused it and why I reacted the way I reacted. Not justifying it at all, of course. But for me to sit here and to explain? I think it’s pretty clear what led me to that place. I think that’s pretty clear in the video.

He was blasted on social media for his behaviour as many pointed out he was wrong to argue the call. Fellow player Taylor Fritz came to his defence explaining that he could have argued the point while not justifying the subsequent reaction.

It's the second major fine in the last few weeks after French player Hugo Gaston got handed a 155.000 dollars fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. It was a fine that Benoit Paire for example didn't like arguing for fines to be according to how much a player earns instead of spitting out random numbers.


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