'Mental Coaches Cause For Young Players Getting Frustrated' According To Toni Nadal

'Mental Coaches Cause For Young Players Getting Frustrated' According To Toni Nadal

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Toni Nadal is not a fan of the way these new young players are being taught, as he believes that they are being fed too much information.

Toni Nadal is a pretty old-school tennis coach who instilled his principles into Rafael Nadal from a very early age. He was the most influential person on Nadal growing up, and considering how the Spaniard's career has shaped up so far, it seems pretty good.

In a recent interview with Majorca Bulettin, Toni Nadal expressed his views that these new generations are fed with too much information, which causes confusion and frustration. He had a chance to work with one of those young players in Felix Auger-Aliassime, but we don't know whether that influenced his opinion.

Today there's too much information it's confusing, and it's all about positive criticism. That does not always work; on the contrary, it leads to greater frustration for players when they lose. It's a case of dusting yourself down and training more, working harder, constantly improving your game and moving on to the next tournament.

Nadal on new age coaching

Toni Nadal didn't do that with his nephew Rafael Nadal, and he believes it helped him become as mentally strong as he is. We've seen it play out a couple of times in his career, most recently during the Australian Open comeback against Daniil Medvedev.

That's what I always instilled in Rafa and that's why he's so mentally strong. There will be very few players ever as good as Federer, for example, he played the perfect game but Rafa beat him.

We'll see what happens when Nadal returns to tennis in the coming months. Toni Nadal already teased that his nephew isn't going to retire after 2024, but we'll see. Nadal has been far more careful in his tone than his uncle.


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