Medvedev Shares 'What People Don't Know About Djokovic's' Personality Off-Court

Medvedev Shares 'What People Don't Know About Djokovic's' Personality Off-Court

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic might not be the most well-liked player on the ATP Tour, but to Daniil Medvedev, he's certainly one of the better people.

Daniil Medvedev knows Djokovic pretty well as they've often used the same facilities in preparation for events. Medvedev is based in the south of France, where the Serbian also trained for many years and still traditionally does ahead of certain events.

He's gotten a chance to know him well on and off the court as they shared many battles like the US Open one, which Medvedev won. When it comes to the off-court persona, not many fans really know their heroes, but now, Medvedev shared an insight into what the 24-time Grand Slam champion really is like.

"I think that's what sometimes people don't know about Novak. He can be tough on the court, like I can be. He can be this and that. But me, since the first time I met him, I was 400 in the world. Now I'm 3 in the world, was 1 in the world. I feel like he treats me like before."

What Medvedev said during his press conference at the 2024 Australian Open has been documented also by the Serbian's actions because, after all, this is the man who initiated the PTPA in hopes of getting many players who are not earning as much as he is, more.

Coming from a relatively modest background in Serbia gave him a good perspective on how tough tennis can be, so it's something he's passionate about.

The story of him helping rising talent Hamad Medjedovic is well known and it's just something that the Serbian has always been passionate about. The respect for his colleagues, Top 10 or not.

"For sure I became more of a rival than before for him. But the treatment off court when we see each other is the same. I like this about him. I find this very good from him as a person, yeah."


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