Medvedev promises to improve attitude - "I have tantrums; it's not good"

Medvedev promises to improve attitude - "I have tantrums; it's not good"

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Daniil Medvedev ranted in almost every one of his Indian Wells matches due to the court not being as quick as he would like to be.

Besides the comedic and entertainment value it provided the rants served as a reminder to Medvedev that it's something that should be addressed. The rants were quite strong and he understand that it was not good because it completely throws off his focus from the match which actually doesn't bite him nearly as much as he could.

That's something I want to improve. For example, talking about Indian Wells, I had my tantrums, which it's not good. It can throw you out of your concentration. It is not a good look anyway, but I managed to still win matches and still be concentrated during those matches.

The first problem in solving a problem is accepting you have a problem and Medvedev is clearly at that step. He's actually taking action in that regard by working with a mental coach. He didn't have one last year and having one this year seemed to improve his play quite a bit.

He admitted himself that he's quite happy with the start as it's the best he's ever had to a season so clearly something is working. Whether it's the mental coach or him being a year older and wiser doesn't matter much. The results are what matters and they are certainly really good right now even with the Indian Wells loss.

I have never had such a good start to the season. A lot of matches won, tournaments won. I am really happy. I was disappointed at Indian Wells when my streak ended on the same number as last time. The only thing you can do is begin a new streak and I am happy to bring my form into Miami.


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