Replica of Rafael Nadal's Statue Unveiled in His Museum

Replica of Rafael Nadal's Statue Unveiled in His Museum

by Balasz Virag

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Rafael Nadal played host to Amelia Mauresmo and Gilles Moretton from the FFT to inaugurate a replica of his Roland Garros statue.

Rafael Nadal, who is still unsure of the time of his comeback in 2023, was given a statue at Roland Garros in 2021 to celebrate his iconic record at the event and now a replica of that statue will be in the Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor. The visit from the FFT representatives happened on Wednesday with Nadal and his family playing host to Mauresmo and Moretton to mark the occasion.

I was really impressed with the facilities that were built, step by step, and the way it was designed for all the populations that are going to come here, all the people that are going to practise or go to school here. It’s really unbelievable.

Mauresmo on the experience

For me, when I walk in the academy, what I see is the spirit and the values and the hard work, and that’s what makes Rafa’s personality that we see on the court. We kind of know who he is, what kind of man he is, it is reflected in his academy… All the kids came in to say hello, they greet each other, they embrace what they have, they encourage each other. For me, that was really something that stood out during the visit today. Of course, great facilities any everything, but the spirit and the values are really good.

Mauresmo on the visit

Both Mauresmo and Moretton were impressed with the way everything looked and it was very on-brand for Rafael Nadal. Everything they saw reflected Nadal and his commitment to hard and precise work. Moretton was impressed with what he saw.

I knew that you were a great tennis player, but now I see with all your family, you’ve done a good job, so congratulations for everything, and I will say one word: respect!

Moretton after the visit


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