Suarez Navarro Announces She's Expecting Twins With Partner Olga

Suarez Navarro Announces She's Expecting Twins With Partner Olga

by Kadir Macar

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It's going to be a double joy later this year when former player Carla Suarez Navarro welcomes two new additions into her life.

The Spaniard announced her pregnancy earlier this year and since then she's been largely out of the public spotlight. Not anymore as the former player provided an update by posting of herself with her partner and her belly that grew quite a bit since the last time the public saw her.

The pregnancy is advancing and everything is going really well so far which remains the hope of so many that anxiously followed her battle with cancer a few years ago. It was a tough time for her and not because she couldn't play tennis anymore.

It was a battle for survival for Suarez Navarro and just like she did so many times on the courts, she won this battle as well. A return to tennis was a chance to thank everybody including the fans with a proper goodbye and she got it with a new chapter waiting for her.

She and her partner Olga happily announced the pregnancy and the happiness is only getting bigger with every day. The social media post was accompanied by a caption.

A few months ago we announced very excited that we were going to be mothers. A few days later, they gave us double joy. TWINS ON THE WAY! Counting down the days to see you and enjoy this new phase together.

Suarez Navarro annonces twins

Many fans and colleagues flooded the comments with happy wishes to the pair who are experiencing some of the best days of their lives. It's a stark difference from a few years ago when she spent most of her days in a hospital and it's well-deserved.

Suarez Navarro will certainly be delighted with her double joy which at times might be double trouble but she won't mind. She will be a parent, something that seemed so distant a few years ago. Congratulations to the pair.



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