Medvedev Is 'Hall Of Famer' Despite Another Grand Slam Final Loss Says Roddick

Medvedev Is 'Hall Of Famer' Despite Another Grand Slam Final Loss Says Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev might be 1-5 in Grand Slam Finals, but according to former ATP player Andy Roddick, he's a Hall of Famer.

Andy Roddick is a former world number one as well as a Grand Slam champion, so he obviously knows what he's talking about. He knows what it takes to be on the top, and he knows top talent when he sees it.

Medvedev is a top talent, according to Roddick, despite some of his struggles in the biggest matches. The Russian made the 6th Grand Slam final at the recent Australian Open after beating Alexander Zverev in the semi-final.

The final was against Jannik Sinner, and despite holding a 2-0 lead, the Russian lost the match in five sets. It was the second time he lost a 2-0 lead in the Australian Open fina, but Roddick still holds him in high regard. He wrote about it in his Betway column.

"He makes someone earn it every single time. He’s played Rafa twice, Novak twice and an in-form Sinner. It’s just the way it goes. I lost four finals and won one. Sometimes you just come up against someone better on the day."

"We’re acting like this one’s going to be the thing that breaks him, but he’s done it before and has come back extraordinarily."

Medvedev obviously has many years left in tennis, and there is always a chance that he will win a few more majors. As Roddick mentioned, sometimes you simply get beaten by a better player on said day. He also expects him to show up and do well in the future.

"I’m not worried about him showing up and being at the business end of every hardcourt Slam over the next couple of years and, personally, I’d love to see him win another one. He has beaten all the best players on the biggest stages and is no doubt a Hall of Famer in his own right."


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