Medvedev Explains How He Went From 'Terrible' To Winning After Losing To Juniors

Medvedev Explains How He Went From 'Terrible' To Winning After Losing To Juniors

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Daniil Medvedev had a very difficult start of the 2023 season but he managed to turn it around and win titles.

In the last five tournaments that Medvedev played, he ended up with the champion's trophy in his hands four times, and one time, he got the trophy for the finalist. Overall, he won 24 of his last 25 matches and his run peaked with the 2023 Miami Open triumph.

Before starting his incredible 19-match winning streak, which was interrupted only by Carlos Alcaraz at Indian Wells, the 2021 US Open champion was not feeling well, and following his third-round exit from the Australian Open, he added a few practice blocks to his schedule.

With his coach Gilles Cervara, the Russian trained at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, where he practiced with some junior players, but at the time, he was losing even to them. Speaking to the Tennis Channel after his latest triumph, Medvedev said:

"Against Korda, I didn't play my best tennis, I was far from it. Before Rotterdam I was feeling terrible, I was playing against some sparring back in the Mouratoglou Academy and I was not playing well so I told my coach ‘How do you want me to beat Korda if I can not beat 18-year-old junior guys even if they play good?’ And at one moment he was like ‘Yeah you cannot.'"

But after entering the event in Rotterdam, Medvedev started winning and his winning didn't stop for a very long time.

"First two matches in Rotterdam, inside of me, I felt very bad about my tennis. And then I managed to turn this around in the quarters and since then I'm just riding the wave."


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