Medvedev Relishes Exceptional Season Start: 'Best I Have Ever Had'

Medvedev Relishes Exceptional Season Start: 'Best I Have Ever Had'

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Daniil Medvedev is enjoying the best start to the season he's ever had as he lifted his 4th trophy of the year at the Miami Open.

He's 29-3 so far this year and he would have been a 5x champion this year had he beaten Carlos Alcaraz recently in Indian Wells. It's the only loss he's had since February but he's not flustered by that. He's simply relishing the fact that things have been going so well this year.

It's the best start of the season I have ever had. Amazing amount of points won. I think 2019 was great also with six finals and it was also new for me in 2019. So I think it's kind of the same.

It's been a much happier time in Miami than in Indian Wells as Medvedev enjoyed playing on the faster courts. He's had many rants during his stay in Indian Wells complaining that the courts are not really hard courts and he loves hard courts. He quite emphatically declared that after his Miami Open run jokingly wanting all events to be hard courts.

Generally I love hard courts. I love playing on it. If it would be my choice, it would be only hard courts, but I completely understand that that's not fair, if we can say like this. I feel the best at my game on hard courts. Even if I know that I can play well enough on the grass and clay, on hard courts I feel the most fluid. On hard courts I can play not my best tennis but still win the matches. That's a big difference.

He certainly won't be liking where the ATP Tour is heading with the clay season coming up. Medvedev quite openly dislikes clay but he's been making an effort to try and improve his level on the surface.


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