Kyrgios 'Won't Be At His Best Until Wimbledon' According To Former Australian Great

Kyrgios 'Won't Be At His Best Until Wimbledon' According To Former Australian Great

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former Australian ATP player Paul McNamee doesn't think Nick Kyrgios will be back to his best before Wimbledon, which is quite a claim.

We don't really know whether McNamee knows anything that we don't or not, but the Australian is there on the ground and probably hears more chatter about it than most people.

We know that Kyrgios isn't practicing right now. He's not one to practice much generally, but if he was really coming back soon, he'd be working on his game by now.

If you add what Craig Tiley said about him and what Kyrgios recently admitted during his Tennis Channel gig - you know he isn't coming back anytime soon.

He would confirm his exit from the 2024 Australian Open on Saturday, further confirming the words of McNamee. The Sunshine Double seems like the next logical target, but McNamee thinks Wimbledon is more likely. It's a pretty good guess because he's not coming back on clay; no chance.

We won't see him at his best for a while - probably not until Wimbledon next year. I don't know if he's going to make it for the Aussie Open or not, I don't have the insight, but he won't be at his best. He's pretty good fresh, though, and he's a scary draw [for rivals].

Whatever ends up being the truth, it's not ideal for Kyrgios. He had a tremendous year in 2022, and basically, the entirety of next season is very disappointing. Missing more than that will be a disaster, but it would be worth it if he returns healthy.

At least he hinted recently that he won't be retiring anytime soon, so we should get two to three more years out of Kyrgios, which is good news. He's been a very valuable addition to the Tour in 2022, and this year just wasn't the same.


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