John McEnroe Accuses Australian Open Of 'Money Grab' Decision

John McEnroe Accuses Australian Open Of 'Money Grab' Decision

by Zachary Wimer

This year's Australian Open will be a bit different than last year, and according to John McEnroe, it's purely for profits.

This year's Australian Open is shaping up to be a really great event, and while there won't be Rafael Nadal competing at the event, there will be a packed 15-day schedule for tennis fans in Melbourne.

This year's Australian Open is indeed different from last year's because it will have an added extra day of schedule. It's going to be 15 days as opposed to the customary 14 days, as the event is set for the first-ever Sunday start.

For John McEnroe, who spoke to ESPN, the situation is pretty clear - it's a money grab and nothing more. He doesn't like it or agree with it, but ultimately, he shares that it's only his personal feelings.

First of all, it’s a money grab as far as I’m concerned. They just found another way to make some money. I don’t agree with it. I’m a commentator. No one’s particularly concerned about my feelings. day or two.

He's probably right in both cases. It probably is a money grab, and ultimately, it doesn't matter. The players are the ones who should have a strong opinion on it, and if they agree with it and find a way to benefit from it, then McEnroe is all for it.

The players, if they accept it and they’re getting something from it, like some money for their pensions or retirement for some players that don’t have insurance, I would say that’s a good thing that they have added an extra day.

He further stated that he didn't think that was going to happen, so in principle, he disagreed with the idea. As a former ATP player, who is now present at the events as a pundit, the longer tournament duration means more time away from home for McEnroe.

I don’t think that has happened, just like it didn’t happen at the French Open. I completely disagree with it. That’s probably me being selfish that I have to be away from home an extra day or two.


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