'He Doesn't Have Other Two Guys': Alcaraz Mix Of Big Three But Misses Competition, Says Arias

'He Doesn't Have Other Two Guys': Alcaraz Mix Of Big Three But Misses Competition, Says Arias

by Nurein Ahmed

Former ATP player Jimmy Arias believes Carlos Alcaraz is a composite of the Big 3 for combining all their strengths.

Arias joined the tennis caravan of players and pundits who agree with Novak Djokovic's assessment that Carlos Alcaraz is a mix of the Big 3 following his Wimbledon success a few weeks ago. Alcaraz has drawn an outpouring of praise following his meteoric rise.

The ATP world number has enjoyed a stellar career on the main tour, winning two Grand Slam titles on different surfaces, something none of the Big 3 - the golden standard of men's tennis featuring Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal - managed to do by the age of 20.

And Arias thinks the final game in which Alcaraz served for the Championship was conclusive evidence of making such a bold claim. Alcaraz did not miss a single first serve in that game, and Novak Djokovic only missed one return of serve, still, the Spaniard held.

"This kid is 20 years old, you watch Alcaraz and I don't know how he has done it so quickly. He has sort of taken the Big 3 and combined all their strengths and put them into himself. How does he serve out the final game of Wimbledon playing Djokovic, and making every first serve? Djokovic only missed one return, and it didn't faze him, I mean, how do you do that? It's amazing."

"He's got Nadal's mentality, Djokovic's defensive skills, and Federer's offensive skills. Good luck figuring out how to beat him!"

Arias, however, was quick to point out, Alcaraz lacks capable challengers to push him in pursuit of more Grand Slams. This notion might hold some water as he compared it to the Big 3, who always raised the benchmark between them when they played each other.

"What he doesn't have to me which is kinda interesting. He doesn't have the other two guys. I know there is Sinner, Rune, and obviously Djokovic who is still around but I don't know for how long. I'm talking now can he get to 20, 22, 23 (someone to push him and keep him engaged)."


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