Italian Davis Cup Captain Hits Back At Fognini's 'Disrespectful' Claims

Italian Davis Cup Captain Hits Back At Fognini's 'Disrespectful' Claims

by Evita Mueller

Italian Davis Cup Captain Filippo Volandri responded to the claims Fabio Fognini made on Instagram about his exclusion from the team.

This whole row erupted because Fognini was left off the Italian Davis Cup team for the upcoming Finals. As proud as he is, Fognini didn't take that lightly and posted on the social media platform Instagram calling his exclusion disrespectful.

Filippo Volandri, a former player has now responded to these claims noting that, in his opinion, Fognini simply didn't meet the criteria to be called up. In fairness, Fognini didn't play that well and has experienced physical issues lately and considering how every match is important in the Davis Cup, it's only understandable why Volandri opted not to risk it.

In his latest appearances, Fognini has suffered retirements and physical problems. His performance in the last three months did not meet the criteria that, in my opinion, must be met to obtain a call-up to Davis. While I was in New York, I received a phone call from a member of his medical staff who was already telling me that Fabio was in very poor condition.

At that point, speaking of motivations, he decided to put his recovery before anything else, including the national team, which is why he chose to play in Genoa, outdoors and on clay, in spite of a Davis who in Bologna it is played on hard and indoors.

In the same interview with ANSA Volandri continued explaining that he didn't really have a choice in terms of leaving him off the team.

Despite the fact that a federal staff was proposed to him, with technicians, athletic trainers and doctors at his disposal, precisely to try to recover him. So, I respected his wishes but he left me no choice, that's the truth.

I wish Fabio to return to the levels he belongs to and I continue to thank him for what he has done in the past in the Davis Cup. This is the last time I address this topic publicly; we are on the eve of an important appointment, much more than our personal destinies, so we must all focus on the goal.


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