'In Australia, I Sent All Tactics': Medvedev's New Team Member Reveals Details

'In Australia, I Sent All Tactics': Medvedev's New Team Member Reveals Details

by Nurein Ahmed

Daniil Medvedev recently confirmed the addition of former World No. 6 Gilles Simon to his coaching team, but their partnership began at least a couple of months before that.

Simon, 39, is regarded as the ultimate counter-puncher due to his relentless ability to make opponents play an extra shot. One fleeting moment that typifies the Frenchman's exceptional rally tolerance was the 71-shot exchange with Gael Monfils at the 2013 Australian Open.

His never-say-die attitude is perhaps one of the major reasons Daniil Medvedev picked up his phone during the off-season and requested Simon's services.

But far from it, as Medvedev's current coach, Gilles Cervara, said in an interview with Tennis Majors, Simon's "keen insight" of Medvedev's game and that of his opponents was the driving force behind the appointment.

Simon is expected to deputize for Cervara, who has been Medvedev's personal confidant and coach since 2017. Cervara, who is also a Frenchman, will not commit to a busy schedule this year, allowing his charge to receive guidance from Simon.

So far, it has been revealed that Simon will accompany Medvedev for this week's Dubai Championships, Madrid, and the Paris Masters. The 39-year-old told Le Figaro that he had been working with the World No. 4 since December and even sent him tactics while he was competing at the Australian Open.

"I’ve already been working with him since December, but we haven’t said anything. In Australia, I sent all the tactics. During Daniil’s matches, I would send instructions to Gilles Cervara, who would pass them on, or not, in real time to Daniil! That’s really where I can help him."

Several tennis fans were quick to notice Medvedev going against the grain and playing out of his comfort zone, especially during the Australian Open final. Having accumulated a lot of mileage in getting to the championship match, Medvedev was hyper-aggressive in the match against Jannik Sinner.

Simon praised Medvedev's work ethic and tactical acumen. He also hilariously asserted that the Russian sent him a list of 16 opponents he disliked playing.

"For example, he gave me a list of 16 players he doesn’t like to play against, and I prepared 16 tactics! Daniil is extremely strong tactically, feels very precisely what needs to be done, but it happens to him, like everyone else, to make mistakes. Because of emotions, because he’s impatient… So I try to explain it to him, and I think he likes it."

Medvedev will play his first match since losing to Jannik Sinner in the first round of the Dubai Championships against his good friend Alexander Shevchenko on Tuesday.


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