Becker 'Worried' About Nadal's Roland Garros Chances

Becker 'Worried' About Nadal's Roland Garros Chances

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Rafael Nadal will probably play at Roland Garros and while that seems to be clear, there is still a lot of worry about the shape in which he will arrive in Paris.

Tennis is a very hard game and while professionals won't ever forget how to play it, they certainly tend to lose momentum if they don't play for a very long time. Even the best ones need some time to get back to their best and it's harder the longer you miss.

Well, by the time Roland Garros comes along, Nadal will have missed over 5 months of play. He didn't play at the Madrid Open nor did he play at the Italian Open complicating an already complicated situation. It has a lot of people worried about his chances and one of those is former legend Boris Becker who exclusively spoke with Eurosport.

All Nadal fans, and I'm one of them, are worried. It happens that he is injured. After his injury in Melbourne, it was said that he would be fit again for the clay-court season. That was not the case. If Nadal cancels the clay-court tournaments in preparation for Roland-Garros, something really bad must have happened.

Some chatter in recent days has suggested that this year's Roland Garros might even be Nadal's last tournament due to the severity of the hip injury. While it seems inconceivable to many, hip injuries have ended careers before so it's not impossible.

Becker hopes that is not the case for Nadal but saying goodbye in Paris would be kind of fitting. It's the court that has his statue in front of it and it's an event he won a record amount of time. Even so, like many, Becker doesn't want to see it.

If Paris really is his last [tournament], that would be negative news about Rafael,” Becker responded when asked if the French Open could be his last tournament. Let's hope that Corrado Barazzutti is not right in this case. A player always has to decide for himself which is his last tournament - and I sincerely hope that for Rafa it won't be the Roland-Garros tournament this year.


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